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In most cases, the country is comprised between the terrestrial tropics, for what the climatic stations do not feel in a radical way largely of the same one. Big part of his territory is covered by the Amazon forest, with 3,6 million square kilometers. Thanks to this and to his climate, it is the country with more animals species in the world. The geography of the continent is diversified, with semiarid, mountainous areas, of tropical plain, subtropical and moderated with climates changing from the dry one of the North-East to the rainy tropical and equatorial climate and the subtropical one and moderated of the south. In Brazil there are located some of the most important places from the world at geographical level such like the Marshland, considered reservation of the biosphere for the UNESCO; the island of the Bananal, the biggest fluvial island of the world; the island of Marajó, major island fluviomarina of the world; Anavilhanas, the biggest fluvial archipelago of the world located in the Rio the Amazon, major river in water volume and the longest of the planet. Brazil has also the biggest reservation of fresh water of the planet, serviendo like example the Guarani Aquifer and the Amazon Cuenca. Viajes Brasil Voyage Bresil